New approach in the treatment of childhood asthma
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AbstractAsthma is a common disease affecting more than 300 million people worldwide. Despite the availability of effective treatments for most asthmatic patients, real-life studies have revealed that many asthmatics in different parts of the world are sub-optimally controlled. This is likely due to a mismatch of treatment and the type of asthma the patients have. Despite the advances in our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of asthma and the improvement of asthma treatments, there are several major areas that still require more research efforts to improve the care and to prevent asthma. There are several major problems with our current approach to treatment. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway. Yet, we recommend as needed PRN bronchodilators as the first line treatment. However, when the severity increases, we recommend that patients should take regular anti-inflammatory treatment and should not use bronchodilator as much as possible. Many mild asthmatics continue to develop exacerbations and most exacerbations are precipitated by viral infections especially those related to human rhinovirus. Recent clinical trials using the PRN combination of bronchodilators and ICS appears to be a much better option for treating mild asthma. Another problem is the small percentage of severe asthma. We tend to use the same approach for all patients with severe asthma but they are likely to have different underlying mechanisms explaining their severity. Recent trials of using biologics have clearly demonstrated that only a subgroup of asthma population will respond to a specific biologic. In order to improve the control of our asthmatics, we may need to rethink how we treat the mild asthma and how to determine the personalized treatments for the severe asthmatics.
All Author(s) ListGary Wong
Name of Conference7th Western China China Conference of Pediatric Respiratory Diseases
Start Date of Conference12/04/2019
End Date of Conference13/04/2019
Place of ConferenceChongqing
Country/Region of ConferenceChina

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