Principles of International Law
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AbstractThis book deals with the main topics covered in most general courses in international law, with an emphasis on the legal system itself and other core systemic areas which are not usually the subject of specialised courses in most law schools: the nature and sources of international law, the law of treaties, statehood, legal personality, State responsibility, treatment of foreign nationals, jurisdiction, immunities, territory, dispute settlement, the international use of force, and the place of international law in Australian domestic law. It also traverses three more specialised but important fields which occupy highly strategic positions in contemporary international relations: the law of the sea, human rights, and international criminal law. These additional specialised areas are not only important in themselves, they also serve to illustrate the international legal system in action. It is hoped that this book will repay the reader with a sound grasp of the structure and systemic requirements of international law and an appreciation of international law as a system constantly adapting to new international realities.
All Author(s) ListStephen Hall
PublisherLexisNexis, Butterworths
Place of PublicationSydney
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsInternational Law, Australia

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