Law of Contract in Hong Kong: Cases and Commentary
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摘要Among the many important changes which Hong Kong has experienced over the past three decades is the gradual, and continuing, emergence of a distinctively local common law. The common law of contract is no exception, and it is now increasingly possible to speak of a Hong Kong law of contract that is not a mere facsimile of the English common law.

This book provides a careful selection of the most important or illustrative cases in contract law drawn primarily from Hong Kong, England, and the wider common law world. It is not, however, primarily a casebook. It features extensive original commentary and analysis exploring the similarities and emerging differences among the jurisdictions with particular reference to the ongoing development of the law in Hong Kong. It also situates contract law in the broader context of a common law tradition that is essentially customary in character and reflects the reasonable expectations of a free people.

The Hong Kong cases included in this book develop or expound upon the common law of contract in a significant way, indicate some degree of
doctrinal divergance from England, or illustrate the way in which a rule or principle works in a distinctively Hong Kong setting.

The principal English authorities, which furnish the basic framework of the common law of contract, are carefully extracted and explained in a way that is of relevance to Hong Kong. Authorities from other common law jurisdictions are included where they point in directions that may be of relevance to Hong Kong.
著者Stephen Hall
出版地Hong Kong
關鍵詞Hong Kong, Contract Law

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