Potentially inappropriate medication use in elderly patients: a cross-sectional study in Hong Kong, China
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AbstractObjectives Potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) use has adverse effects on health, particularly in elderly patients. The aim of this study is to assess the prevalence of PIM use in Hong Kong elderly patients and to identify associated factors with PIMs.
Methods In this cross-sectional study, we reviewed all the prescription records of each patient aged ≥65 who were admitted to outpatient clinics under Hong Kong Hospital Authority during January through December in 2014. PIMs were evaluated by the 2015 Beers criteria. Drugs that were not available in Hong Kong or had specific restrictions or exceptions in terms of dose, route, therapy duration or medical conditions were excluded. Independent associations between patient characteristics and PIM use were assessed by multivariable logistic regression. Adjusted odds ratios (aORs) were reported with 95% CIs.
Results Among 754,586 eligible patients between January and December 2014, 404,580 (53.6%) were females. PIMs were identified in 293,079 (38.84%) subjects. The most frequently prescribed PIMs were chlorpheniramine (26.91%), promethazine (7.73%), diphenhydramine (5.76%), and methyldopa (3.19%). In multivariable analyses, females were more likely to receive PIMs than males (aOR=1.33, 95%CI 1.32~1.34). Patients who were 65~69 years old (2.33, 2.29~2.37) and prescribed more than 12 medications (21.47, 21.00~21.96) were at the highest risk of PIM use.
Conclusions Our findings indicate that PIM use in elderly patients is a substantial problem in Hong Kong. Understanding the prevalence of PIM use and its associated patient characteristics can help target elderly patients who need further medication review and education programs.
Acceptance Date01/03/2019
All Author(s) ListHuanyu Zhang, Eliza LY Wong, Eng-kiong Yeoh
Name of ConferenceWONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2019
Start Date of Conference15/05/2019
End Date of Conference18/05/2019
Place of ConferenceKyoto
Country/Region of ConferenceJapan
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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