Communicable Disease and Control: Surveillance and monitoring of antimicrobial use and resistance
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摘要Antimicrobial use is an effective approach to treat a broad range of life-threatening
infections. However, the inadvertent use of antimicrobials among the human
population, coupled with few new antibiotics in research and development,
escalate the widespread resistance to these treatments which jeopardizes their
clinical efficacy and increases treatment costs. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is
currently a top global public health concern. To echo with World Health
Organization to foster AMR knowledge through surveillance and monitoring,
global communities should mobilize through international collaboration to develop
a nationwide surveillance system to mitigate the AMR risk and protect the health
of global citizens. In addition to the human population, AMR is also attributable to
animal and environment in society. One health surveillance approach is adopted to
integrate data from different domains and analyze data in an optimal cross-
disciplinary AMR framework. This integrated system would provide policy-
makers insights in 1) identifying both human and animal population at risk, and 2)
understanding how and why antimicrobials are used and their consumption
patterns. These information helps formulate the infection control policies for high-
risk subgroups, inform better antimicrobial therapy decision, assess the impact of
possible resistance containment interventions and facilitate the commitment
amongst different stakeholders to implement successful campaigns to contain
resistance in the future.
著者KO Kwok
編輯Emily Chan Ying Yang, Gloria Kwong Wai Chan, Peter Ka-hung Chan, Sharon Chow, Caroline Dubois,
Janice Ying-en Ho, Zhe Huang, Heidi H. Y. Hung, Jean H. Kim, KO Kwok, Holly Ching-yu Lam,
May Hang-mei Lee, Hermione Hin-man Lo, Xiang Qian Lo, Asta Yi-tao Man, Shelly Lap-ah Tse,
Zhe Wang, Carol Ka-Po Wong
書名Essentials for health protection: four key components
出版社Oxford University Press
頁次113 - 113

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