A systematic review of leadership development through service-learning in undergraduate education
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摘要Nowadays service-learning becomes more popular in developing youth leadership in undergraduate education. Yet there is a lack of systematic approach to understand the leadership development via service-learning in undergraduate education. The systematic review aims to: (1) gain a better understanding of how service-learning is implemented in supporting leadership development, (2) identify the factors influencing leadership development in service-learning in undergraduate education, and (3) review the evidence on the impacts of service-learning on leadership development in undergraduate education. Literature search is done with the use of online academic databases available through our university library. Inclusion criteria for screening papers for review include: (1) service-learning with reflection component, (2) leadership development, (3) undergraduate education, (4) empirical research papers, (5) full-text available, and (6) papers presented in English language. Findings ofthe systematic review are presented. Implications for future leadership development through undergraduate service-learning are then discussed at the end ofthe paper.
著者Sancia Wai-San Wan, Sally Wai-Yan Wan
會議名稱The 19th Biennial Conference of International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching
會議論文集題名Education beyond the crisis: new skills, children's rights and teaching contexts
關鍵詞systematic review, service-learning, leadership development, undergraduate education

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