A Pilot Study of Chinese as a Foreign Language Learner’s Listening Anxiety Scale
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AbstractThe studies of foreign language anxiety have attracted the attention from many researchers during the past three decades. Many studies have shown that foreign language anxiety is prevalent among foreign language learners and it plays a negative role on leaner’s progress and performance. The Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) offered by Horwitz et al. in 1986 has been widely used to measure the foreign language anxiety over the past thirty years. However, it has received some criticism and even caused confusion: it is a generic instrument nature that mainly focuses on speaking and academic performance evaluation, but not take into the consideration of the characteristics of the target language. This study attempts to develop a Chinese Language Anxiety Scale reflective of anxieties associated with listening learning, and provide implications for the teaching of Chinese.
All Author(s) ListSUN Lei
All Editor(s) List馮勝利, 李春普, 吳偉平
Book title語言學與華語二語教學:從語言本體到語言運用
Pages232 - 247
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsChinese as a foreign language (CFL), Chinese language learning anxiety, foreign language anxiety, scale development

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