Bubble-Assisted Three-Dimensional Ensemble of Nanomotors for Improved Catalytic Performance
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AbstractCombining catalysts with active colloidal matter could keep catalysts from aggregating, a major problem in chemical reactions. We report a kind of ensemble of bubble-cross-linked magnetic colloidal swarming nanomotors (B-MCS) with enhanced catalytic activity because of the local increase of the nanocatalyst concentration and three-dimensional (3D) fluid convection. Compared with the two-dimensional swarming collective without bubbles, the integral rotation was boosted because of the dynamic dewetting and increased slip length caused by the continuously ejected tiny bubbles. The bubbles cross-link the nanocatalysts and form stack along the vertical axis, generating the 3D network-like B-MCS ensemble with high dynamic stability and low drag resistance. The generated B-MCS ensemble exhibits controllable locomotion performance when applying a rotating magnetic field. Benefiting from locally increased catalyst concentration, good mobility, and 3D fluidic convection, the B-MCS ensemble offers a promising approach to heterogeneous catalysis.
Acceptance Date16/08/2019
All Author(s) ListBen Wang, Fengtong Ji, Jiangfan Yu, Lidong Yang, Qianqian Wang, Li Zhang
Journal nameiScience
Volume Number19
PublisherElsevier Inc.
Pages760 - 771
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsCatalysis, Materials Science, Chemistry, Nanomaterials

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