Effects of a community health worker-led multimedia intervention on the uptake of cervical cancer screening among South Asian women: a pilot randomized controlled trial
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摘要The utilization rate of cervical cancer screening services among South Asian women is low. Multimedia interventions conducted by community health workers (CHWs) could potentially enhance the cervical cancer screening uptake among these individuals. This study aimed to investigate the feasibility and preliminary effects of a CHW-led multimedia intervention on cervical cancer screening uptake among this underprivileged group. This pilot study utilized a randomized wait-list controlled trial design. Forty-two South Asian women were recruited at six ethnic minority associations. Randomization of each organization into either the intervention arm or wait-list control arm was then performed. The intervention was conducted by the CHWs from the associations where the participants were recruited. Outcome measures were assessed and compared at baseline and immediately post-intervention. We demonstrated that the intervention was feasible as evidenced by the high consent rate and low withdrawal and attrition rates. The intervention arm showed a statistically significant improvement in perceived benefits (p = 0.001) and perceived barriers (p = 0.02). However, no significant difference was noted in screening uptake and screening intention between arms. Our findings support the feasibility of CHW-led multimedia intervention and provide preliminary evidence of its effectiveness on enhancing the cervical cancer screening beliefs among South Asian women.
著者Wong C. L., Choi K. C., Law B. M. H., Chan D. N. S., So W. K. W.
期刊名稱International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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