Political Questions and Sexual Answers: Women’s Pornographies and Social Activism in Hong Kong and San Francisco
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AbstractPornography has become an aspect of urban entertainment and popular culture while mainstream media texts and cultural practices are incorporating sexualized styles, gestures and aesthetics. (McNair, 2002) The talk presents proliferating pornographies and an expanding pornosphere in Chinese and East Asian cultures. While pornography is often thought of as a hollow male domain, Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese women and queers are contributing greatly to its status and feelings of sophistication. I will argue that pornography produces a unique kind of “afterglow,” a corporeal state of feeling and reflection that can be experienced and studied differently from the social sciences tradition of media effects. Pornography does not bombard nor subjugate its users but produces feminist agency and ideology. The talk will focus on Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women’s pornographic (dis) pleasures as well as a new wave of Boys’ Love fictions.
Acceptance Date29/01/2018
All Author(s) ListKatrien Jacobs
Name of ConferenceChina Academic Network on Gender (CHANGE)
Start Date of Conference14/05/2018
End Date of Conference15/05/2018
Place of ConferenceBrussels, Belgium
Country/Region of ConferenceBelgium
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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