Political Doom, Democracy Dreams and “Boys Love” Fabulations in Hong Kong
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AbstractAs part of a larger movement for civil rights and anti-censorship activism, Hong Kong BL fans have circulated sex-themed media on the Facebook pages named, Lester Alex Hehe (Hanwei Lester Alex, Zhaling Wushan Hehetuan), Funuiology (Gang Funü Xue), Boysloveonly (Fushengwu Zhuanyongdao), and Danmei Camp (Danmei Jizhongying). This paper outlines how some of these fandom communities defended a political wake-up call, others chose to ban political debate during the large-scale pro-democracy protests. It will also show how fans defend erotic cross-border solidarity as opposed to Hong Kong-China animosity, as suggested in the slogan of Danmei Camp “BL rules everything and gayness unifies the world (BL tongling shijie, jiqing yitong tianxia).” Finally, the article reveals how fans move sexually explicit media between highly censorious networks (e.g. Facebook and Weibo) and sex-tolerant networks (Tumblr and Twitter), while maintaining physical “small corner” alliances for the safe sharing of their sexually explicit imagery, which they call “meat pics” or “H-pics.”
Acceptance Date22/03/2018
All Author(s) ListKatrien Jacobs
Name of ConferenceAssociation of Asian Studies Annual Conference
Start Date of Conference22/03/2018
End Date of Conference25/03/2018
Place of ConferenceWashington DC
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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