Single-cell RNA-Seq Resolves Cellular Heterogeneity and Transcriptional Dynamics in Spermatogonial Stem Cells Establishment
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摘要The transition of gonocytes to spermatogonia and subsequent differentiation provide the foundation of spermatogenesis. However, a systematic understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of this process is still limited, mainly impeded by the asynchrony in development and the lack of stage-specific markers. To resolve cellular and molecular heterogeneity in early germ cell development, we profiled single-cell transcriptomes of germ cells from mouse testes on the postnatal day 5.5. Unbiased clustering and pseudotime ordering analysis allowed us to assign single cells to distinct cell states in the developmental continuum. In doing so we delineated the molecular cascades associated with the gonocyte-spermatogonial transition and the balance of SSC self-renewal and differentiation. Our study also revealed a differentiation-primed state within the undifferentiated compartment, in which elevated Oct4 expression level correlates with lower expression of self-renewal pathway, higher Rarg expression, and enhanced retinoic acid responsiveness. Lastly, the knockdown experiment revealed the role of Oct4 in the regulation of gene expression related to the MAPK pathway and cell adhesion, which may contribute to the SSC differentiation.
Our study thus provides a novel understanding of cellular and molecular regulation during early germ cell establishment.
著者Jinyue LIAO, Shuk Han NG, Jiajie TU, Alfred Chun Shui LUK, Yan QIAN, Nelson Leung Sang TANG, Bo FENG, Wai-Yee CHAN, Tin-Lap LEE
會議名稱Germ Cells by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSH) 2018 Meeting
會議地點New York

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