The landscape of aging and maturation signatures of mouse oocyte development
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摘要Female fertility declines dramatically with age, and childbearing at advanced maternal age is a big health concern due to greater risk of early pregnancy-related complications such as miscarriage, genetic disorders, and ectopic pregnancy. The negative impact on fertility caused by advanced maternal aging is also implicated in assisted reproduction technologies. A major factor that accounts for fertility deterioration in older women is poor oocyte quality. By applying RNA-seq, we compared transcriptome profiles of GV and MII oocytes from the young and old group. We identified 4613 maturation-related DEGs at the young age and 4223 maturation-related DEGs at old age. Then, we compared the maturation-related dynamics at the young age against the maturation-related dynamics at old age. These DEGs showed high Pearson’s correlation (r = 0.8181), suggesting that most of them shared the same maturational expression pattern. To characterize DEGs whose maturational expression changes were affected by age, we established a linear regression model and used a statistical cutoff (95% prediction interval) to define 260 DMRs. The signatures will contribute to novel knowledge essential to the development of assays and treatments for female reproductive aging.
著者Tin Lap LEE, Yan QIAN, Qin CAO, Jinyue LIAO, Annie Wing Tung LEE, Yuk Lap YIP, Tak Yeung LEUNG, Ming Peng ZHAO, David YL CHAN, Tin Chiu LEE, Wai Yee CHAN
會議名稱Experimental Biology 2019

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