Fostering empathy and inclusivity online: Insights from an intercultural mentor
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摘要This presentation centers on the pivotal role of mentoring in the intercultural development of international exchange students who participated in a fully online intercultural transitions course while they were in their host country. As they made connections between their ‘real world’ intercultural experiences and course materials, they shared their evolving understanding of Self and Others in an online asynchronous Forum. Through guided critical reflection, they were encouraged to think more deeply about the internal and environmental factors that may have influenced their interactions with individuals who have a different linguistic/cultural background from them. At strategic moments, they were also prompted to make connections to the intercultural concepts and theories that were explained on the eLearning platform. After providing an overview of the course, the challenges and benefits of the mentoring process will be described with concrete suggestions for ways to foster empathy, inclusivity, and interculturality through online or blended interventions.
著者Jane Jackson
會議名稱24th International Conference of the International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)
會議論文集題名IAICS Conference, Chicago
關鍵詞interculturality, inclusivity, empathy, study abroad, eLearning, intercultural education

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