Symposium: Language and (Inter)cultural socialization in study abroad contexts (Organizer and presenter)
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摘要Students who participate in a study abroad program are naturally exposed to new ‘ways of being’ (e.g., unfamiliar linguistic and cultural practices) and as they adjust to the host environment, they may experience acculturative stress and identity confusion. To better understand the challenges facing second language sojourners, applied linguists in various parts of the world are conducting introspective studies that seek to identify and make sense of factors that can influence second language socialization and sojourn outcomes (e.g., language proficiency, interculturality). Their work is providing much-needed direction for pedagogical interventions in study abroad programmes (e.g., pre-departure orientations, language and intercultural transition courses). This, in turn, is helping institutions of higher education meet their internationalization goals. After explaining contemporary notions of second language socialization/acculturation and poststructuralist perspectives on identity, this colloquium presents the key findings of three mixed-method, largely qualitative, longitudinal studies that investigated the language socialization and identity reconstruction of participants in various short-term study abroad programs.

The language and (inter)cultural adjustment of inbound international exchange students in Hong Kong
Jane Jackson (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Abstract: This paper reports on the linguistic and (inter)cultural challenges experienced by ~100 second language speakers of English who took part in an international exchange program at a bilingual (Chinese-English) university in Hong Kong. None had proficiency in Cantonese or Putonghua (Mandarin) and all enrolled in English-medium courses. Through questionnaire surveys and in-depth interviews, they offered insight into the factors that facilitated or hindered their socialization in the new environment (e.g., host receptivity, degree of investment in language learning). The findings provided direction for strategic interventions (e.g., eLearning workshops, informal oral English courses) to support the learning and engagement of this population.

The socialization of pre-service English language teachers in a cultural immersion program in England
Chan Sin Yu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Abstract: This paper reports on the language socialization of a small group of Hong Kong Chinese pre-service English language teachers (second language speakers) who participated in an eight-week cultural immersion program in England. Through multiple semi-structured interviews, this research study identified and explored the internal and external factors which contributed to variations in the participants’ language socialization in the host environment. Drawing on the findings, suggestions are offered to facilitate the preparation and support of student sojourners (e.g. pre-sojourn advice, regular debriefing sessions during the sojourn) to help them to become more actively engaged in the host country.

The acculturation of Chinese international exchange students in English-speaking countries
Tongle Sun (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Abstract: This presentation centers on the findings from a study that investigated the language and intercultural learning of Hong Kong-based Mainland Chinese STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students who joined a semester-long international exchange program in an English-speaking country. The study tracked the developmental trajectories of seven case participants throughout their study abroad journey (i.e., before, during, and after their return to Hong Kong). A triangulation of the mixed-method data (e.g., questionnaire surveys, in-depth interviews, email reflections, multimodal entries) facilitated the identification of the individual differences and external factors that appeared to either help or hinder acculturation. The findings have implications for pedagogical interventions in study abroad.
著者Jane JACKSON, Sin Yu CHAN, Tongle SUN
會議名稱1st Annual Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology
會議地點Siem Reap
會議論文集題名1st Annual Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology
頁次23 - 23
關鍵詞study abroad, second language socialization, cross-cultural adjustment, language learning, intercultural development

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