Stepped care programme in primary care to prevent anxiety and depression: a randomised clinical trial
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摘要1. Subthreshold depression and anxiety are prevalent in primary care. The probability of patients developing depression or anxiety in 1 year was 13.5%.
2. A stepped care programme was not superior to usual care in terms of preventing onset of depression or anxiety, reducing severity of symptoms, reducing health care utilisation, or improving quality of life in primary care patients with subthreshold depression or anxiety at 12 and 15 months.
3. A watchful waiting period or a less resource-demanding intervention is suggested before initiating further intervention for subthreshold depression or anxiety. Patients considered to be severely depressed or anxious at baseline should be referred to a stepped care programme.
著者Wong SYS, Tang WK, Mak WW, Cheung FM, Mercer S, Griffiths SM, Woo J, Lee DT, Kung K, Lam AT
期刊名稱Hong Kong Medical Journal
頁次9 - 10

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