A Multisensory Approach to Responsible Management in Community-based Tourism: A Case Study in Hong Kong
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摘要This research discusses the relevance of a holistic approach to sensory stimuli based on endogenous resources as a contribution to responsible management in community-based tourism. The first stage of a case study based on Yim Tin Tsai (Hong Kong) was used as an exploratory approach to assessing the sensory potential of this offshore island. The village has been the subject of growing interest from visitors in experiencing the cultural, religious, and nature-based assets of the area following community involvement in the village development. This process was initiated after the island became abandoned due to residents’ migration, resulting in the revitalization of the area. Findings from the first stage of the empirical research focusing on visitors’ multisensory-informed experiences in the village are discussed, managerial implications of the proposed approach are depicted, and the second stage of the case study is outlined.
著者Agapito D., Chan C. S.
期刊名稱Journal of Tourism Quarterly
頁次1 - 13
關鍵詞Community-based tourism, multisensory stimuli, tourist experience design, responsible management, sustainable tourism, Yim Tin Tsai

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