Sustainable development in Hong Kong: roadblocks and road-map
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摘要The World Urban Campaign has developed a living document, The City We Need 2.0, outlining ten key principles for a new and sustainable urban paradigm with corresponding drivers of change. The ten principles can be re-organized into three major aspects: an engaging and democratic mode of governance, environmental and spatial sustainability and sustainable social and economic development. This chapter attempts to compare and contrast Hong Kong’s current pursuit of urban development with reference to these three key aspects to identify major ‘roadblocks’. It is argued that a mode of governance that concentrates power in the bureaucracy with a vested interest in high land prices has created many roadblocks to an inclusive society with vibrant local economies; socially engaging communities; and an accessible, regenerative and resilient built environment which are fundamental to the physical, emotional and social well-being of Hong Kongers. Based on the identified drivers of change and urban innovations in other parts of the world, a plausible road-map is discussed to explore how the city’s economics-centred mode of development can move towards a dynamic urbanism that is also humane and ecologically friendly.
著者Mee kam NG
編輯Lui T-L, Chiu S.W.K., Yep R.
書名Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Hong Kong
頁次474 - 493

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