Professor LO Kwok Wai

CUHK Research Outputs
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Research Interest
• NPC genomics: systematic characterization of NPC genome via next generation sequencing and informatics analysis; elucidation of genetic and epigenetic changes in NPC.
• Functional investigation of novel tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes and elucidation of critical molecular targets and oncogenic pathways in NPC.
• Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and human cancers: investigation of the viral-host interaction of the EBV in NPC; identification of the novel cellular genes and pathways modulated by EBV latent proteins; characterization of novel EBV noncoding RNAs in NPC.
• Establishment of EBV-positive NPC models: patient-derived xenografts, cell lines and organoids.
• Development of novel biomarkers and innovative therapeutic strategies for NPC.

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