Critical Literacy as Pedagogical Evangelism: A Call for Postcritique
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AbstractThis paper is a response to Allan Luke’s (2018) provocation to “join an international, intercultural and peer-conversation about the imaginings and possibilities of “an education for critical literacies” (p.xii). It is a thought piece, a theory inspired reflection of my pedagogical engagement with critical literacy over “time”, “space” and “place”. I coin the term “pedagogical evangelism” as an overarching conceptual architecture to stitch together a reflective account of my expanded repertoires of teaching critical literacy, informed by theories and practice, in the context where I have taught. I continue to “spread the word” about critical literacy in Singapore and Hong Kong after encountering critical literacy in Australia. I liken the mission of teaching critical literacy as pedagogical evangelism because it has to contend with the “skeptics” and “unconverted” who do not see the value of critical literacy. Finally, “pedagogical evangelism” is used to provoke how critical literacy could benefit from new perspectives and interpretations just like how in theology, biblical hermeneutics encourages a diverse interpretations of the Bible. Drawing on emerging theorizing on post-critique in literary studies (Anker & Felski, 2017; Moi, 2017), I suggest how postcritique could be used to critique the proclivity for “methods” in critical literacy, at the same time invigorate a more defiant imagination for critical literacy as we remain steadfast and faith bound to what critical literacy can do for our students and for education in general.
Acceptance Date22/12/2018
All Author(s) ListAaron Koh
Name of ConferenceEducation for Sustainability, Comparative International Education Society (CIES), 2019
Start Date of Conference14/04/2019
End Date of Conference18/04/2019
Place of ConferenceSan Francisco
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsCritical Literacy, Allan Luke, postcritique

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