Personality traits, social capital, and entrepreneurial creativity: comparing green socioentrepreneurial intentions across Taiwan and Hong Kong
Publication in refereed journal


摘要Promoting green socioentrepreneurship is crucial for sustainable economic development in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in highly urbanised areas such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. However, little research has focused on this topic. Therefore, we conducted two studies to analyse how personality traits, entrepreneurial creativity, and social capital affect green socioentrepreneurial intentions among university students in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The results of Study 1 confirmed the factor structures of the four scales used in this study. The results of Study 2 revealed that though the effects of predictor variables on the outcome variable were varied, the mediation models of entrepreneurial creativity across contexts were partially supported. The major differences between Taiwan and Hong Kong lay in the effects resulting from usefulness, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and bonding social capital.
著者Chaoyun Liang, Ching Yin Ip, Shih Chia Wu, Kris Mo Yin Law, Jiun-Hao Wang, Li-Pei Peng, Huei-Ching Liu
期刊名稱Studies in Higher Education
關鍵詞Entrepreneurial creativity, personality traits, social capital, social entrepreneurial intentions, social enterprises

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