A Woman Such as Myself
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AbstractA Woman Such as Myself is a chamber opera with music by Daniel Ting-Cheung Lo and libretto by Su Yin Mak. The plot is adapted from a short story of the same title by Xixi, one of Hong Kong’s most distinguished living female writers. The protagonist is a young woman who works as a mortuary cosmetologist with skills she learned from her aunt. She patches up wounds, masks scars, and makes up the faces of the deceased. Her work gives her financial security, job satisfaction and the appreciation from grateful families, but at great personal cost. Because working with corpses is commonly perceived as morbid and repulsive, by choosing her profession she has exchanged human relationships for the companionship of the dead. But now she has fallen in love, and her boyfriend does not know the nature of her work. Should she tell him? Will he accept her as she is, or run away in fear and disgust? She is self-conscious about the smell of death which pervades her entire being and which casts a shadow over her romantic relationship. She feels doomed by her fate and struggles with what will happen when she discloses the truth to him. By taking to the extreme the situation of a woman who lives outside the cultural norm, the story explores a dilemma faced by many women: the conflict between love and work, between traditional social expectations and an independent identity of one’s own. It is a modern Frauenliebe und –Leben.
Acceptance Date01/07/2017
All Author(s) ListDaniel Ting-Cheung Lo, Su Yin Mak
Detailed descriptionCommissioned work
PublisherNew Opera Days Ostrava
Place of PublicationOstrava, Czech Republic
Pages1 - 189
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordschamber opera, Xixi

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