An Analysis on the Chinese Ceramics Exported by the Manila Galleon
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AbstractStepped into the 16th century, Europeans started sailing and exploring in the Asian world with the finical and military supports from their royal families and nobles, and finally drew the Ming Empire into the process of early globalization. The beautiful artefacts with perfect craftsmanship made by Chinese soon became popular products around the world, among which, the Chinese ceramics was marked as the top wanted international commodity. Europeans had participated actively into the stages of designing, producing, shipping and sailing of Chinese ceramics, to ensure they could earn as much as profits from the trades.
Different interest groups and the various markets behind them prompted the diversification of the Chinese ceramics traded by them. So by tracing the clues of specific types of Chinese export ceramics and their combinations in the cargos, we can tell their traders and target markets. This presentation aims to take the Manila Galleon trade of the late Ming period as a study case, to analyse the different types of trade ceramics and tell the stories behind them.
All Author(s) ListWANG Guanyu
Name of ConferenceInternational Conference on Archaeology of the Seaports of Manila Galleon and the History of Early Maritime Globalization
Start Date of Conference21/07/2017
End Date of Conference23/07/2017
Place of ConferenceAmoy, Fujian
Country/Region of ConferenceChina
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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