The Impact of the Rise of Mobile Games on the Creativity and Structure of the Games Industry in China
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摘要The rise of mobile games is one of the most influential events in computer gaming in this decade. This rise not only has introduced significant changes to the platform of gaming but also potentially has transformed many important aspects of gaming, including game communities, game culture, game design, market structure, and industry structure. Based on data collected from China and Hong Kong, this study explores the following: (1) how the rise of mobile games has affected industrial structure; and (2) whether these structural changes have affected the level of creativity in game design. Although the rise of mobile games is global in scale, in China, they were popularized in 2012, and this market has grown rapidly since then. Through the analysis of data collected on market revenue and market share, in-depth interviews with key figures from mobile and online games companies, and secondary data including game market reports, this study investigates the transformation of the industrial structure. The results of the analysis showed that since 2013, the highly concentrated industrial structure that was established in the 2000s has been significantly decentered. This finding corroborates the results of current studies on the rise of mobile games, which were based on global data. Through in-depth interviews with game designers and participant observations of game communities, the study determines whether a less concentrated industrial structure would improve creativity and whether this high level of creativity would be sustainable.
著者Anthony Fung
編輯Dal Yong Jin
書名Mobile Gaming in Asia: Politics, Culture and Emerging Technologies
出版社Springer, Dordrecht
頁次91 - 103
關鍵詞Mobile game, Game industry, Industrial structure, Creativity

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