Fear of Isolation, Willingness to Self-Censor, and Refrain from Expression on Social Media: The Moderating Role of Network Characteristics
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摘要Using a two-wave survey in Hong Kong, this study examines the spiral of silence process on social media. It argues fear of isolation plays a significant role in influencing willingness to self-censor on social media, which in turn enhances refraining from expression. While willingness to self-censor mediates the relationship between fear of isolation and refraining from expression, network heterogeneity and network publicness play a moderating role between fear of isolation and willingness to self-censor. Results from the moderated mediation analysis suggest that the indirect influence of fear of isolation on refraining from expression operates through willingness to self-censor at different levels of network heterogeneity and network publicness. A higher level of network heterogeneity and publicness will enhance the spiral of silence process. In addition, findings indicate the spiral of silence refrain people from expressing disagreeing opinion, but not self-promoting political expression. Implications of the findings are discussed.
著者CHEN Hsuan Ting, GAN Chen
會議名稱International Communication Association's 67th Annual Conference
會議地點San Diego, California
關鍵詞Fear of Isolation, Spiral of Silence, Network Characteristic

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