E-sport gamers in China: career, habitus and public discourses in the E-sport gaming of League of Legends
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摘要As the one of the booming digital entertainment industries—yet marginal in the eyes of the public--the global e-sport professional gaming market generated considerable market revenues and popularity among the young generation. As for the state, the national team of such e-sport also represents a kind of national competitiveness and prestige, or so-called “soft power”. China, as one of the most influential countries leading e-sport market, has formalized various channels to encourage e-sport gaming development, while ironically at the same time still implements severe censorship on games. Under this specific Chinese political and economic context, this study examines the career, habitus and discourse of the e-sport professional gamers in China. How do they develop their professional and career in E-sport and related entertainment business (for example, livestreaming)? What is the condition of gamers in China under the current strong control and opposition in public discourse? By conducting textual analysis of the social discourse and interviewing the Chinese gamers of LOL (League of Legend), this article explores the e-sport in China under political economy perspective, and such phenomenon to certain extent is representative of gamers in a country where economy is booming but political control is strong—a typical situation in global south.
著者Pun Lok Fai, Fung Ying Him
會議名稱DiGRA 2017 (Digital Games Research Association Conference 2017)

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