Professionalism or Relationalism? How Guanxi Orientation Affected Income and Job Satisfaction of Chinese Public Relations Practitioners Through Public Relations Value
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摘要The study examines how guanxi – the use of social networks and influential connections -- benefits public relations practitioners in the Chinese cultural context. Guanxi orientation is the term to identify characteristics of East Asian people influenced by Confucianism which posits that individuals position themselves and treat others based on their social networks. This study shows that perceived importance of guanxi cannot directly help public practitioners gain more income and achieve higher job satisfaction. A mediation model shows that the preference of guanxi contributes to the perceived effectiveness of public relations which can bring higher income and job satisfaction. Believe in professionalism is the actual mechanism underlying the direct relationship between the guanxi orientation and income. Traditionally, social networks were viewed as important resources contributed to higher income and job satisfaction. This study demonstrated that guanxi is only an instrument for practitioners to gain personal achievement through public relations effectiveness.
著者Deya XU, Yi Hui HUANG
會議名稱The 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association
會議地點Sand Diego

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