Chinese Consumers’ Expectations of Corporate Communication on CSR and Sustainability
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摘要Through two representative surveys – one in Beijing the other in Hong Kong – this research empirically examines the culturally relevant dimensions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication in the context of China and investigates what Chinese consumers expect for CSR communication such as communication content, media channels, and sources. One dimension of CSR communication in China that this study identifies as unique is government involvement. Other dimensions include general CSR information, factual tone, transparency, and personal relevance. In this study, Chinese consumers are found to prefer non‐corporate sources and uncontrolled media channels. The study also identifies differences between Beijing and Hong Kong consumers regarding their expectations of CSR communication. The study offers a basis for developing a culturally relevant theoretical framework of CSR communication, as it identifies the significant dimensions of such communication from a stakeholder‐centric perspective in the context of China. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and ERP Environment
著者KIM Sora, JI Y
期刊名稱Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
出版社Wiley: 24 months
頁次570 - 588

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