New bottle of old wine vs. old bottle of new wine: What contributions have computational methods made to social media research?
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摘要Research on new forms of communication has often been criticized as “new bottle of old wine”. The same has applied to computational methods. To assist the debate, it is necessary to examine systematically what new knowledge computational methods have contributed over and above the existing knowledge. Based on a large-scale review of empirical studies on social media, we find that, while the majority of relevant studies are merely “old wine”, a growing number of studies do offer a variety of new knowledge, ranging from new evidence for long-term hypotheses, new evidence to challenge common wisdoms, new explanations for known phenomena, or brand new hypotheses with support evidence for unknown phenomena. As the new contributions come largely from outside communication research, it is upon computational communication scholars to integrate the advancements into the discipline.
著者Jonathan, J. H. Zhu; Guan, Lu; Hai Liang; Taiquan, Peng
會議名稱The 67th Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA)
會議地點San Diego

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