The green purchase behavior of hong kong young consumers: The role of peer influence, local environmental involvement, and concrete environmental knowledge
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摘要In view of the increasing demand for greener lifestyles in Chinese-based communities, this study examines the possible contextual and individual factors that affect green purchase behavior in young consumers in Hong Kong. Using a sample of 6,010 adolescent consumers, a survey was developed and administered. Hierarchical regression analyses indicate that six factors predict the green purchase behavior of Hong Kong adolescents in the following descending order: Peer influence, local environmental involvement, concrete environmental knowledge, parental influence, environmental awareness, and media exposure to environmental messages. A model is proposed that depicts the flow of influence of the top three predictors on green purchase behavior. Structural equation modeling confirms a good fit of the data with the proposed model. The study concludes by outlining the theoretical and practical implications for international green marketing. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
著者Lee K.
期刊名稱Journal of International Consumer Marketing
詳細描述[Publisher: Routledge ,Taylor & Francis].
出版社Haworth Press Inc.
出版地United States
頁次21 - 44
關鍵詞Environmental involvement, Environmental knowledge, Green purchase behavior, Hong kong, Peer influence

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