The Process Model of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication: CSR Communication and its Relationship with Consumers' CSR Knowledge, Trust, and Corporate Reputation Perception
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摘要Using a national survey of US consumers, this study demonstrates the positive effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication factors on consumers' CSR knowledge, trust, and perceptions of corporate reputation. The study also examines the role of a stakeholder-specific factor of consumer--company identification in the process of CSR communication. The findings suggest that the positive effects of CSR informativeness are enduring and independent of consumers' identification levels with a company, whereas the positive consequences of the personal relevance, transparency, and factual tone of CSR communication intensify as the identification levels increase. Although CSR communication in which a self-promotional tone is adopted has a negative relationship with consumer trust and corporate reputation, such negative effects are not evident among consumers with very high identification levels with a company. Such CSR communication in fact improves consumers' CSR knowledge and, in turn, has a positive effect on corporate reputation.
著者Kim Sora
期刊名稱Journal of Business Ethics
頁次1 - 17
關鍵詞Corporate social responsibility communication, Process model, Moderated mediation, Consumer knowledge of CSR, Consumer trust, Engagement, Corporate reputation, Process

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