Dynamics modeling and analysis of a flexible-base space robot for capturing large flexible spacecraft
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AbstractSpace robots are in huge demand due to the rapid growth of their service targets, i.e., spacecraft. There are generally large flexible components on spacecraft, such as antenna reflectors and solar paddles. Due to the vibratility of their structure, it is challenging for a space robot with flexible appendages (the base is then called flexible-base) to capture and repair the large flexible spacecraft. After capturing, the two spacecraft with flexible appendages are connected by a space manipulator, and a compounded system is formed. In this paper, we developed a dynamic model and a closed-loop simulation system, to provide a means to verify path planning and control algorithms. Initially, the dynamic characteristics of different capturing stages (preimpact and post-impact) were analyzed. The topologies of a flexible-base space robot and the compounded system were described based on incidence and channel matrices. Secondly, the recursive dynamics was formulated and resolved by an effective numerical method. The modeling was verified by Adams' model. Thirdly, we implemented a dynamics calculation block in Matlab/Simulink environment using the S-function package for the C program, and developed a closed-loop simulation system, which was composed of the Planning and Controller, the Multibody Dynamic, and the 3D Display modules. Finally, based on the simulation system, two typical missions-target berthing and on-orbital manipulation of the target along a circle, were simulated and evaluated. Dynamics analysis results presented some useful rules for the path planning and control to suppress the vibration of the flexible structure.
All Author(s) ListXu WF, Meng DS, Chen YQ, Qian HH, Xu YS
Volume Number32
Issue Number3
Pages357 - 401
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsDynamics modeling; Flexible-base space robot; Large flexible spacecraft; Target capturing; Vibration suppression
Web of Science Subject CategoriesMechanics

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