Globalizing the Chinese Online Game Industry: From Incubation and Hybridization to Structural Expansion in the Past Two Decades
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香港中文大學研究人員 ( 現職)

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摘要Cheung and Fung discuss the trajectory of globalization of China’s online game industry in parallel with cultural entrepreneurialism and state agenda. Tracing China’s intensifying presence in the multilateral flow of global online games, the chapter further explicates how Chinese gaming companies have engaged with the global creative economy with their consolidated cultural and economic resources in the past two decades. The authors identify three waves of globalization of China’s online game industry, the regionalization of domestic games, reversed FDI and hybridization, and globalization of Chinese gaming apps.
著者CHEUNG Ka Fai, FUNG Anthony
編輯Anthony Fung
書名Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy
系列標題Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business
頁次71 - 90

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