Global Game Industries and Cultural Policy
Edited book (editor)

香港中文大學研究人員 ( 現職)

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摘要This is the first book that sheds light on global game industries and cultural policy. The scope covers the emerging and converging theory and models on cultural industries and its development, and their connection to national cultural policy and globalization. The primary focus of the book is on Asian cultural policy and industries while there are implicit comparisons throughout the book to compare Asia to other global markets. This book is aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members in programs addressing cultural policy and digital games. It will also be of interest to those within the cultural policy community and to digital games professionals.
著者FUNG Ying Him Anthony
編輯Anthony Fung
系列標題Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business
出版社Palgrave Macmillan
頁次1 - 340
關鍵詞Culture -- Study and teaching; Ethnology -- Asia; Youth -- Social life and customs; Industries; Game theory

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